NYC Recap Day 3

Thursday, July 17, 2014

*Prepare yourself for photo heavy posts these next few days! I just couldn't narrow down the photos anymore because there were so many I wanted to share! 

I kicked off Thursday morning by waking up early and opting to walk to the conference instead of hailing a cab! This also gave me the chance to stop into my favorite NYC coffee shop, Maison Kayser, and pick up a cappuccino and a Plie au Chocolat (I definitely recommend trying one if you ever find yourself in one of the shops. They are amazing!). 

Like I said in yesterday's post, one of my favorite things about this trip was getting the chance to meet and hang out with some of the bloggers who I have considered my friends for a while now, but had never actually met IRL. We definitely took advantage of all being together and snapped a gazillion photos to remember the all the fun moments! So many in fact, that I'm having a hard time deciding which one(s) to frame for my room! This was also the day that Chloe (cute brunette pictured with me above) and I really had the chance to bond! Since she is interning with Dormify, one of the sponsors of the conference, she was busy working a lot of the time, but took a few breaks to hang out with us and shoot some photos!

My favorite part of the conference itself was getting to meet Mackenzie (top) and Carly (bottom)! It was seriously a dream come true! (Not gonna lie, I felt like I was going to faint when I saw they were in the room. I seriously stopped breathing. Don't believe me? Just ask Caroline, Fran, Sloane, and Chloe.) Mackenzie and Carly were both as sweet as could be, and so inspiring. They gave amazing advice! I mustered up the courage to go up to the mic and ask them a question during the Q & A and there responses were extremely helpful! I was practically talking Carly's ear off at the end of the conference about all sorts of things, but she truly did seem interested in talking to me, which made it all the better! Definitely a "pinch me" moment!

After the conference ended, the four of us walked over to Lincoln center to, again, take photos (#bloggerprobs)! Chloe played photographer for a bit, but swapped with Frannie a few times to jump in some photos as well! For the last one, we were able to convince a sweet, but slightly apprehensive tourist to photograph us! 

After taking photos, we walked over to The Smith in Columbus Circle for dinner with Sloane! It was such a fun way to end my two days with them! We had the absolute best night laughing, sharing stories, and trying each others food that five blogger best friends could have! 

The best part about The Smith is definitely the photo booth downstairs! We definitely went a little over board with the photos and trying to squeeze five girls in was not easy, but we managed to make it work! 

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  1. I'm obsessed with this post, Sammy!!! But it made me miss you wayy too much!!!! We have to meet in real life again soon :)

    1. I Miss you too Chloe! Don't worry, we will DEFINITELY meet again!!!! :)