Monday, July 7, 2014


What is a #GirlBoss? What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear that term? A lot of you will probably think of the book written by founder and CEO of Nastygal, Sophia Amoruso. When I think of a #GirlBoss, I think of any and every girl who is strong, confident, motivated, and proud of being exactly who she is, a girl.

Music, Magazines, and TV shed poor light on being a girl. I'm not sure who gave them permission to do that (it definitely wasn't me), but I think it has to stop. Nothing is wrong with being a girl. I grew up reciting the phrase "a girl can do anything a boy can do, but she can do it in heels." Bear in mind this was coming out of the mouth of fourth grade me, long before I owned any heels other than the surplus of pairs I had from my many princess costumes. This phrase though, holds a valid point. A girl can do anything a boy can do, and we can do it in heels (Sometimes even the really tall ones, but please don't test us.)

Female empowerment is one of my favorite things to talk about. Get me started on the topic and I can drone (how's that for an SAT word?) on for hours, maybe even days. This is part of why I love Smart Girls Group so much. Our goal: Make every girl realize they are a smart girl and help them discover their smarts. 

In my opinion, being a Smart Girl and a #GirlBoss are the same thing. Before I started this blog I wouldn't have considered myself to be either. Today, I consider myself both. The key to realizing you are a #GirlBoss is to find what makes you happy, what you're passionate about, and what you're really good at. These things are sometimes easy to forget though. They can get lost in the grand scheme of things. Trust me, between SAT prep, college apps, work, and school I completely understand how easy it is for the things that may not seem so important to get lost. Let me tell you though, those things that make you happy, that you're passionate about, that you're really good at are just as important as the things they may get lost under. I am not in any way encouraging anyone to ditch they're homework, please don't get me wrong. School, work, whatever serious (and sometimes many times boring) activities run your day-to-day lives should not be neglected by any means, they are vital aspects to everyone's life. Just don't let them knock you down, or keep you from following your heart. 

This video is one of the most inspiring "feminist" videos I've seen lately and watching it last night (special thanks to Emily for sharing) inspired this post. 

"Why can't 'run like a girl' mean 'win the race'?"  

There's nothing wrong with doing anything #likeagirl as long as your being a #GirlBoss.

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