Dress to Impress

Part of my morning routine (also part of why I give myself way more time in the morning than I need to get ready) is reading all of my favorite blogs' posts for that day. Yesterday's post on my favorite blog (yep, you guessed it, The College Prepster) was called "Five Ways To Stand Out." As I was reading through the post, one of Carly's tips for standing out really "stood out" to me - "Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have."

I'm generally that girl who is overdressed for everything and my definition of casual is far from the true meaning of the word. (If you think I'm bad, just ask my mom what her "casual" is...) The past couple of weeks at my internship, I could slowly feel myself slipping in the "dress to impress" category. I started comparing myself to some of the other interns, realizing how much fancier I was dressing, and toned down my outfits a bit. (When fellow interns show up wearing leggings and a crop top, it's easy to start thinking a skirt and blouse are unnecessary. Don't worry though, no crop tops were in my wardrobe!) 

Yesterday for work I had planned on wearing my favorite Saint James striped tee and white jeans, but after reading Carly's post, I decided to step it up a notch. I opted to wear this outfit (minus the heels), knowing that it would be comfortable while still looking like I "dressed up" for work. 

I'm making "Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have" my new mantra. Who cares what the other people are wearing. Let them have their leggings and crop tops and stick to your cute skirts and blouses if you want to dress to impress. 

What do you normally wear to work? What's your opinion on dressing to impress?

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