Comfy, Cute, and Casual

Louis Vuitton tote (borrowed from my mama) | Vineyard Vines polo | J.Crew shorts (similar) | Kate Spade sunnies
In all honesty, I hate being casual. Even though it's comfy, I always feel more confident about myself and a lot happier when I am a bit more dressed up. I shot this outfit on Wednesday evening in New York with Caroline and Frannie before heading off to dinner (aka buy hot dogs off a truck)! Since we were going to do some city exploring, I wanted to be comfy and still look cute. These hot pink shorts are my absolute favorite in my collection.

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  1. Cute look Sammy! The navy polo and pink shorts looks perfect together!

    Constance || Prep Northwest

    1. Thanks, Constance! It seemed like a match made in heaven to me! So glad you liked the post!