Because I'm Happy...


First, I want to start of by saying this is not the post I had planned for today, but as a result of my malfunctioning laptop, Photoshop spontaneously quitting in the middle of my collage making, and the fact that it is currently 11:06 pm, this was the best I could muster up! 

People are always asking me how I am so happy all the time. It's totally true though. I am always happy. Always. For some reason I can manage to find the bright side to pretty much any situation, which is really lucky for me, and sometimes really annoying because people start expecting me to be happy. To answer the question though, it's not that hard to be happy, you just need to look for a reason to smile, the world is chock-full of them! Stop dwelling on the negative and start celebrating the positive! Anything good is a reason for celebration! 

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