Friday, May 2, 2014

Lovely Links

I have less than 5 more weeks of school left. In 5 weeks, I'm going to finally be free to whatever I want (not really though because I need to work and study for the ACT, but a girl can dream). I am so excited to not have homework keeping me up late and to be able to sleep at least an hour later in the mornings. 

This week has been extremely fun, but also tiring and it seemed to have flown by! I started Powder Puff Football this week at my school and I am loving it! Basically the Juniors and Seniors at my school form a flag football team and play one game against another school in the area's team for charity. It's a blast, but definitely takes some energy out of me!

I'm looking forward to a great and somewhat relaxing weekend before diving head first into whatever next week brings me!






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  1. Is that a donut...cake?! I have a donut print and a donut plate on my wall (I'm a little obsessed) and I would love to know if there was a recipe included with that picture you found. Also, how cute is that watercolor print and the watermelon bag?


    Another Beautiful Thing

    1. Yes there was a recipe! Here's the link to it:


  2. i love your blog! I just followed on :) Would love if you checked out my blog as well


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