Pulling Off A Bow 101

As an original "bow head," I completely understand the difficulty that is properly pulling off a bow as a young woman. You don't want to look like a two year old, but at the same time adding a bow to an otherwise drab (or sometimes already fab) outfit can help you feel a little bit more youthful! So I'm here to offer my services and give some tips on pulling off a bow.

  1. Never wear your bow to close to the front of your face. The more of the bow you can see, the more childish you will look. The bow should never overpower your natural beauty. 
  2. Make sure your bow won't fall out. There's nothing like a floppy loose bow to make you look like a kid on the playground! Always make sure your bow is securely fastened. When you notice it loosening up, quietly excuse yourself to fix it.
  3. Bigger is better. I am all for the whole "less is more" thing, but there is nothing worse than seeing a full grown woman wearing a baby sized bow. Honestly, it just looks kind of ridiculous.  My mom started me off with bows bigger than my head the day I was born, so maybe I'm a little biased, but honestly when the bow is smaller than your mouth, there's a serious problem. 
  4. Don't wear a mismatched rubber band. If you wear your bow with a rubber band underneath, please make sure the color of your rubber band either coordinates with the color of you bow or matches your hair color. 
  5. It's better to go high then to the side. Bows on the top or back of one's head always look more flattering than bows fastened to the sides. It makes you look older and it makes a bit more of a statement in either the back or front! 

I hope that was helpful! If you have any other questions regarding "Pulling Off A Bow 101," please drop a note in the comments! Also, if your looking for a great bow brand, try Wee Ones! I've been wearing those bows for as long as I can remember! 

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