Wednesday, May 7, 2014

First let me start off by saying, that I am always easily swayed into following J.Crew's trendsetting abilities without question. But this one? No way am I jumping on that bandwagon! 

As chic as J.Crew somehow manages to make them look, Birkenstocks are just not happening, at least not in my book. Honestly, I've tried on a pair in Nordstrom out of curiosity (#guilty) and they are extremely comfortable, but I just can't get past the fact that they are BIRKENSTOCKS!

They weren't a good idea back then and they definitely aren't a good idea now! 

What's your take on this summer's latest (and worst, I might add) trend?

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  1. I actually don't mind the silver ones. I've never been a huge fan but I would like sandals with support for days I'm walking around, is this the year I convert? Hard to say :)

  2. This post cracks me up!! I feel the exact same way!!
    My best friend is a bit boho and she wears birkenstocks, but the kind from the Happy Hippy store and definitely not from J.Cew.
    I'd probably look more like my grandmother than Eva Chen if I tried to jump on this trend!

    Toodlebelle's Blog

  3. This is too great! I totally agree.. not sure the Birkenstock trend is for me, I'll just stick to my jacks!

    xx Ally